Special Assistant to the Managing Partner

Location: various, DC-MD-VA
Date Posted: 11-13-2017
Keller Williams Capital Properties is seeking a highly motivated Special Assistant to work with the Managing Partner (MP) and Co-Founder of Keller Williams Capital Properties. This role serves as an extension of the MP, and the purpose of the job is to make him a stronger and more effective leader by creating capacity for him to focus on his top priorities across the family of companies, investors and personal commitments. This position fulfills a critical role within the organization and is closely involved in the daily priorities of the company as a whole.  The role of the Special Assistant is to enhance the MP’s effectiveness in the organization through time management and support, information management support, consistent processes, key relationships management and support, and coordination throughout the multiple companies and divisions.  This position offers a turbo-charged opportunity for long-term career growth within the company.
As Special Assistant, you are at the heart of our team's business operations and activities. You anticipate the needs of the Managing Partner and help him stay focused on his projects by resolving operational and administrative issues before they arise. Your mindset is “time is of the essence” and you move quickly with the changing environment and are capable of wearing many hats with ease. You use your broad capacity and skill set to strategically support projects and outcomes. You are passionate about supporting someone else in their work. Their mission is your mission.  Our culture is about pulling together to achieve an outcome. This is a highly strategic and facilitative role that requires a combination of focus and flexibility, as well as a willingness to play an active, behind-the-scenes role.

This position is for a highly-resourceful individual that can collaborate with the Managing Partner and achieve actionable results. This person must have the ability to build strong and sustainable relationships and the capability to interact with all levels of multiple businesses and organizations. The ideal candidate will handle complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, mixing long-term projects with the urgency of immediate demands. The Special Assistant must handle confidential information and act as a liaison between the Managing Partner and key people, both internal and external. You must possess strong communications skills and have the ability to speak and draft correspondence on behalf of the Managing Partner and the company and you must be able to work extended hours as needed.
The top candidate will be highly motivated, exceedingly well-organized, possess emotional intelligence, and be and successful at building and maintaining trust with the MP and other members of the Leadership Teams.
The ideal candidate will be process-oriented and possess the focus to maintain structure in a fast-paced environment, the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into diverse communication flows, and the capacity to effectively prioritize with little supervision.  A keen eye for detail, a commitment to quality and consistency, composure under pressure, and a positive outlook are paramount. You will be able to handle confidential information and complex situations with grace and the highest level of business acumen. You will be asked to make sensitive and critical judgment calls, and you will serve as a sounding board to the MP in important situations. For the right individual, this unique role will serve as an unparalleled opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to lead and manage a high-growth business in the Social Enterprise and Real Estate sectors.

Duties & Responsibilities
The Special Assistant to the Managing Partner has a central role within the Office of the Managing Partner and carries responsibilities that include:
  • Managing the MP’s workflow and priorities by managing his intense schedule in collaboration with the Scheduler and Operations Staff, anticipating upcoming needs and requirements to ensure priorities are met, and energy and health are maintained.
  • Monitor the MP’s inbox and voicemails and flag important messages, ensuring no communication is missed and provide follow up as a proxy on the MP’s behalf.  
  • Personalize the MP’s interactions with key people by ensuring an effective “touch” system is deployed, and key relationships are developed and attended to.
  • Assist with the MP’s social media presence by working with the communication team to ensure delivery of strategic messaging across several digital media platforms.
  • Manage, protect, and enhance the reputation and image of the Managing Partner, the Leadership Team, and the Organization by ensuring social media is authentic and key relationships are managed effectively and problems are solved quickly and appropriately.
  • Prepare for and follow up on internal and external meetings. When needed, participate directly in external meetings and following up with the relevant parties.
  • Support the MP and members of the Leadership Teams in moving projects forward by assisting with information gathering, communicating with different parties, developing and monitoring plans, keeping track of responsibilities, and driving the appropriate prioritization of key initiatives.
  • Oversee the MP’s travel and event logistics and travel with the MP to some key events.
  • Support MP with personal matters by interacting with personal staff to ensure success in things such as meal planning, fitness routines and personal time off to help him to maintain energy, health and a well-balanced life.
  • Organize and manage the MP’s contacts, with particular care to key circles of influence.
  • Stay abreast of the various speaking arrangements and strategic relationships the MP is committed to. 
  • Manage a massive flow of daily outcomes and requests with a constant awareness of the bigger picture and what supports the Managing Partner’s short and long-term goals.
  • Capture and disseminate information and communicate ideas on behalf of the Managing Partner to relevant parties. Respond on behalf of the Managing Partner to issues that arise, both internal and external.
  • Draft correspondence on behalf of the Managing Partner.
  • Represent the Managing Partner in key meetings and on key phone calls.
  • 5-7 years plus of professional experience working with a management team, or on a Political Campaign with highly demanding schedules.  
  • Must be an exceptional communicator, both in spoken and written communication.
  • Must be an especially astute listener to pick up subtle cues that others may miss.
  • Diplomatic, firm, gentle, and pushy when you need to be to accomplish the goal.
  • Proficient in MS Office, especially with composting memos, letters and PowerPoint Presentations, and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Extremely organized, self-disciplined and professional in demeanor.
  • Bachelor’s Degree and Advanced study in Business or corresponding work experience or track record of success.
  • Working knowledge of real estate acquisitions, sales, and/or development is a plus.
  • Campaign experience is a plus.
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